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Dye testing can resolve basement leak issues quickly and safely


Drain Dye Testing

Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. utilise drain dye testing to discover the precise cause of drain issues in complex cases where other methods of investigation are not possible.
Drainage structures can be complicated and it is not always obvious to determine where a structure drains to. Out-of-date systems can also present their own challenges but dye testing provides clients with a practical solution to overcome these issues.

Drain dye testing is most commonly used to determine where water is flowing from in basement and cellar settings which can be prone to absorbing water. By using drain dye testing, colours can be used to confirm its location.
Our fully qualified and insured engineers use dye testing alongside other cost-effective and proven methods of identifying what is going on in a particular location.

Get in touch with Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. to arrange a pipe tracing service

Drain Tracing

We help commercial and domestic clients locate drains which have become undetectable at ground level by providing a drain tracing service.
Obtaining accurate information and drawings about drains can be difficult and are often incomplete as a result of the existing drainage system being altered or added to over time.

Drain tracing may be required in order to address the following issues:

Gas pipe installation

Cracked pipes

Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. also provide drain tracing services for clients who are looking to complete renovations to their property or who need to complete a drain tracing service at the raaequest of their bank prior to purchasing a property.

  • I need to hire a CCTV drain survey expert near me. What is your catchment area?
    Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. serve residential and commercial clients in Laois and the surrounding counties, including Offaly, Carlow and Kildare.
  • What steps can I take to avoid my drains becoming blocked?
    We encourage individuals to avoid flushing facial wipes and paper towels down the toilet or pouring grease or oil down sinks in your property. Call us today if you are unable to unblock a toilet, sink or shower in your home.
  • Do you offer maintenance contracts for restaurants and hotels?
    Yes. We are able to complete work on a contract basis or arrange visits every six months to ensure grease traps are properly maintained and in full working order. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.
  • Do you provide CCTV drain survey reports after completing high pressure water jetting?
    We only provide CCTV drain surveys to domestic homeowners as part of our high pressure jetting services. If you would like to arrange a CCTV drain survey for your commercial property, please contact our team in Laois.
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