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Looking to fix a household drain blockage? Call us today


Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. utilise high pressure water jetting equipment to clear obstructions in the pipes of commercial and domestic properties in Laois and the surrounding counties.

Common use cases for high pressure water jetting include:

Concrete cutting
Sewer tank cleaning

Descaling drains

Resolving household blockages

Our highly trained and experienced team of engineers carry out all high pressure water jetting and drain cleaning services. Upon completion of high pressure water jetting, domestic clients can avail of a CCTV drain survey to determine if any damage has been caused by the obstruction.

Quickly address pipe issues with our high pressure cleaning services in Laois

Non-disruptive method of clearing debris from sewers and pipes
Prevent future issues

Why Choose Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. For High Pressure Water Jetting?

Pressure Water Jetting
  • I need to hire a CCTV drain survey expert near me. What is your catchment area?
    Laois Jetwash Services Ltd. serve residential and commercial clients in Laois and the surrounding counties, including Offaly, Carlow and Kildare.
  • What steps can I take to avoid my drains becoming blocked?
    We encourage individuals to avoid flushing facial wipes and paper towels down the toilet or pouring grease or oil down sinks in your property. Call us today if you are unable to unblock a toilet, sink or shower in your home.
  • Do you offer maintenance contracts for restaurants and hotels?
    Yes. We are able to complete work on a contract basis or arrange visits every six months to ensure grease traps are properly maintained and in full working order. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.
  • Do you provide CCTV drain survey reports after completing high pressure water jetting?
    We only provide CCTV drain surveys to domestic homeowners as part of our high pressure jetting services. If you would like to arrange a CCTV drain survey for your commercial property, please contact our team in Laois.
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